We met as teachers. And we love to learn and share what we have learned. We don’t much like grading though, so there will be none of that. Times and dates will be listed on the Moss Facebook page as we schedule them. Tickets can be purchased at Moss or online via the Workshop Event Store. Pre-registration is required for all workshops. Please plan to arrive 5 minutes early. Below are descriptions of workshops offered – past, present and future. Our Wine & Design workshops include a glass of wine (a non-alcoholic beverage option will also be available). Cancellation policy is below.

Private events for your group are possible – please take a look at the private party info sheet, and send us an email or Facebook message to inquire about dates.

Miniature (aka Fairy) Gardenfairy garden miniature landscape

Create your own pebble lined planted path for animals and your imagination to stroll. Each garden includes a plant (choice of high/low light), 2 mushrooms and choice of rubber/plastic animal.

Holiday Centerpiece (SEASONAL)
holiday arrangement

‘Tis the season to decorate. Create a table centerpiece for your coffee table, dining room or foyer credenza. Winter needles and painted pinecones and other seasonal accents say Happy Holidays to all who gather.

kokedama planted moss ball

A beginner’s kokedama tutorial – a beautiful moss wrapped sphere of soil planted and displayed. A potless minimalist planting designed to focus the mind and the eye. Includes all materials needed.

Classic Terrarium
classic terrarium

Create a closed ecosystem with moisture loving plants. The glass walls let you enjoy the landscape from every angle. An extremely low care addition to your plant collection. Makes for an interesting centerpiece or coffee table companion. Indirect light source is best. (Actual glass containers used for the workshop will vary).

Succulent Bowl

Create a large succulent bowl garden with a variety of sun-loving, easy to care for plants. Each garden includes 4-5 succulents, a variety of rock toppings, and a terracotta bowl. Hang out with friends, sip a glass of wine and create a beautiful living sculpture.

Jungle Terrarium
jungle terrarium makings

Create a miniature jungle in a ball jar. Learn how to layer the jungle so your moisture loving plant will continue to thrive. Each terrarium comes with all the materials, plant and a miniature plastic/rubber animal to complete the composition. Suitable for ages 8 and older.

Desert (open) Terrarium
succulent terrarium square cube

Layer sand, pebbles and dirt in a contemporary glass cube and top it off with a mini succulent. We’ve gathered all the supplies and will show you how to build a healthy little habitat. Your desert terrarium will be the perfect gift, décor or party centerpiece.

Succulent Terrarium Sphere
succulent terrarium sphere

Layer sand, pebbles and dirt in an elegant glass sphere. Create a contained miniature landscape for your plant. Add decor or keep it all natural with stones and shells. Also makes a great one-of-a-kind gift for someone special.

Plant Party

The evening begins with a beverage and selection of your perfect plant companion. Learn about your plant’s needs and desires. Then pair your plant with a suitable pot. We have many different styles, colors and sizes. If your selection of plant + pot exceeds the ticket price, you will simply pay the difference. We will pot up the plants together and learn about potting techniques and all the plants chosen.

Macrame Plant Hanger (10 participant limit)
macrame plant hanger

Make a beginner’s macrame plant hanger. Get your plants up off the ground, away from cats, free up some space. Experience will be provided as will all the necessary supplies. Includes a glass planter and your choice of succulent in addition to the hanger itself.

Amaryllis Bulb Planting (SEASONAL)
amaryllis bloom

Plant your own Amaryllis bulb in an attractive terracota pot. Learn how to care for your bulb, bring it to full bloom, and store it for next year. Experience the joy of blooming flowers in winter and rejuvenating them each year.

Workshop Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received 48 hours prior to the start of the workshop will receive store credit (in the form of a gift card) for the amount of the workshop.